Monday, 3 June 2013

Snooping in Stonor Park

Progress on the van has been happening. Slowly, but surely.
And she made it all the way to Stonor park and back this weekend for the VW show.

I loved these doors.

Personally, this intentional shabby chic look is too contrived for me.
If it's going to be shabby, I like it to happen naturally.
But that is just my preference.

The rustier, the better for me!

Love it.

This was my favorite "pristine" bus.  GORGEOUS.

Daughter, he looks cute now, but believe me, it is the stuff of nightmares. 



  1. We've just bought a bus just like Pea Soup - LHD, Westie, Sage Green, 1976...Going to read through your posts as I'm thinking of doing the same thing...a slow restoration (although he's in pretty good nick really...the tailgate really needs attention, though, but I don;t kow if I'll get away with fillng and spraying. Might need a new one...or 1976ish vintage replacement...

    1. Good luck with the bus Steve! Would love to see pictures of yours. Is it drivable?

      A lot more has happened with PeaSoup over the last few months than I've blogged about - will one day try and catch up with my blog posts! The biggest thing is that he passed his MOT and is drivable and I'm now finally having fun actually driving him.

      I am also on the look out for a replacement tailgate. Although I did my best trying to repair mine the rust is already coming back with vengance.

  2. So much love for this post! My main reason for having an ebay account is to keep a constantly updated list of gorgeous VWs for sale.... one day, one day....