Thursday, 7 March 2013


Oh dear.  I thought I was ready for this...

I can bake bread with a recipe and usually many attempts.
I will say yes to camping a lot of the time regardless of how often I have been cooking. I don't get that one.
And I would happily live without furniture to go on a trip round Europe, but I have grown rather attached to the new dishwasher.
I can totally invite 13 people or more to dinner regardless of how many plates we have.  Been there, done that and had a great party. ( Admittedly rescued by take-aways, friends and family and resourceful hubby)
But the pet snake? No way Jose. Do I get points if I let the kids have pet snails one time even I am pretty scared of them?
Do you have the right kind of husband for it?
Can your husband bake his own bread?
Clean dog poo/sick/bogies/other nasties off of the kids or himself and not give you a detailed account of how he did it and what it was like?
Or visit the public toilets without giving a detailed description of the cleanliness factor upon his return?
Find something to talk about when the Wife insists that camping trips are no-techno zones?
Does he worry about the Bomb?
Let the neighbour's children and their dogs come along for the ride?
Will he say "yes" to a camping trip after 50 weeks of house renovations?
Will he say "yes" to a camping trip just because his wife is trying to procrastinate doing other jobs?
Let your son keep a pet tarantula in his bedroom?
Let the dog sleep on the Rock and Roll bed with you?  Oh and all the kids too?
Live another year without new gadgets/projects and make a trip to Scandinavia instead?
Let your wife give up her job and then home school the kids from the bus? With a smile?  And mean it?

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