Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Campervan Music

Bored with the music on my laptop at work the other day, and currently very inspired to get PeaSoup finished - and so campers on my mind! - I decided to google for "Campervan Songs".

I was amazed to find how many there are - especially if you go on to Myspace.

The majority of them turned out to be really bad, or too hippy bus for my tastes, however there were a couple of that were pretty good and have stuck in my mind.

"Campervan Song" by James Morris  Campervan Song

And this one I particularly liked the video!

"Campervan Song" by Droptheeye

Think I'm going to keep searching and try and come up with a Campervan song CD ready for our first trip - sorry wifey!

If anyone knows of any good campervan related songs then please let me know!

There is also a video for the first one, but it has bad quality audio, and think I prefer it without the video!


  1. Does it have to be expressly Campervan music or are you allowed the Housemartins' "Caravan of Love"? Maybe Danny & The Champions of the World's "Henry the Van" can sneak in on ambiguity? Ditto "Shuffle it all" by Izzy Stradlin & The Ju Ju Hounds? (which is probably my favourite song of all time :-) Most of Stornoway's new album (Tales from Terra Firma) was written *in* a campervan, so maybe that's another technicality you can let them in on (they mention said campervan in "Zorbing" so you're definitely allowed that one!) An absolute CLASSIC that definitely mentions a VW bus is Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant" which if you don't know, you SHOULD. V funny song / monologue. Final flash of inspiration - doesn't Men at Work's "Down Under" start with a reference to travelling in a beat-up combi?
    I'm sure more ideas will strike me .. great idea, though, looking forward to seeing your final play list!

  2. have you heard the "Vanthology" albums by Kludo White ?