Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Campervan Music

Bored with the music on my laptop at work the other day, and currently very inspired to get PeaSoup finished - and so campers on my mind! - I decided to google for "Campervan Songs".

I was amazed to find how many there are - especially if you go on to Myspace.

The majority of them turned out to be really bad, or too hippy bus for my tastes, however there were a couple of that were pretty good and have stuck in my mind.

"Campervan Song" by James Morris  Campervan Song

And this one I particularly liked the video!

"Campervan Song" by Droptheeye

Think I'm going to keep searching and try and come up with a Campervan song CD ready for our first trip - sorry wifey!

If anyone knows of any good campervan related songs then please let me know!

There is also a video for the first one, but it has bad quality audio, and think I prefer it without the video!

Saturday, 23 February 2013


Handy Hubby's been pottering out in the van today...

He is modelling his National Geographic fleece that came free with our (cheap) subscription and a hand-painted mug made by my talented sister.


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tupperware Party

A whole blog post just to celebrate Tupperware.
You know this has to be The Wife/The Sidekick posting.  Handy Hubby thinks that I am going slightly overboard in the quest for coordination of accessories for the van.  I honestly do not know where this obsession is coming from because I am not very coordinated any where else in my life.
But I'm enjoying it!
I showed the Mother in Law my Campervan accessory wish list, and she found these out of the loft for us!