Monday, 14 January 2013

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

We haven't had much "camper van" weather, and have been busier with projects within the home, but I have still been nesting and building our "dowry" for Pea Soup's eventual maiden voyage.
I am dreaming of a summer photo shoot in a field when all the goodies come together, but in the meantime I will share the journey of putting it all together.
Now, I am not a shopper by nature.
But I am a sucker for vintage.
And I have a tendency to hoard.
But just for the record- I am sticking to the list. For the most part.  You can see it here:
Handy Hubby is already hinting that we might need a trailer to haul all these treasures that I've been collecting!
                                                        Perfect Towels from a perfect friend!

She noticed me drooling over some towels from this post:

It's especially great to have contributions by friends. 
It will make it all so much more special.
Hopefully, we can all have a van warming party one day soon!


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