Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Trying out the new awning.

After our daughter had a girly sleep-over for her birthday our eldest son was feeling a bit left out. In order to try and cheer him up I thought what better than some daddy and son time having a "boy" sleep-over in the garden trying out the new awning for the campervan.

Took me a while to get it set up as it's not as easy to do on your own than the awning we had for our old camper was, but I think that once I've done it a couple of times I should get the knack of it and it shouldn't take that long.

Being able to put the awning up on my own is vital.  With three kids and a dog in tow, when we arrive at a campsite they immediately all run in opposite directions exploring the site, finding the toilets, wanting something to eat etc., and so my wife is kept busy enough trying to pacify them and it's my job to get the awning set up - so lucky I did manage to do the new one on my own!

Having got it set up in went our beds and it was very quickly all ready to be our home for the night.

Before sleep we did some reading and then explored the stars with the help of the Sky Map app on my tablet (yes I know that is cheating camping with technology!!) and then had a good nights sleep in the fresh air of the garden.

One benefit to not really being away camping was being woken up by the delivery of fresh coffee rather than having to drag myself out of bed, boil some water and then make it - thank you wifey :)

It would have been nicer if we had actually been away in the wilderness somewhere (rather than in the back garden), but was still great fun and was lovely to be able to spend some time with my boy without the others interrupting all the time.

Think we chose the right night to camp out too.  Since the weekend the night temperatures have plummetted and not so sure I'd want to be out there now!

Having now tried the awning out am really looking forward to properly getting away with the campervan and using the awning for real attached to the van - I think it's going to look awesome with the retro-style awning attached to a proper retro camper!  Alas with the jobs left to do on the van that is something that is going to have to wait until next year now.

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