Friday, 28 September 2012

Campervan Cards

Having just turned the big "40" I was very impressed with the number of different campervan birthday cards I was given.

I wouldn't have believed that there were so many different ones out there.

My personal favourite was the home made one that was even coloured the correct colour for PeaSoup!

Am now looking forward to next year and being able to put up the 2013 vintage campervan calendar that I was also given.

Loving the old photos in the calendar - am just hoping that my renovation of PeaSoup ends up looking as 1970's as these pictures do!  My wife is busy collecting vintage things for the interior - just hoping that she isn't expecting me to dress up all 70's to match.


  1. You need to have Camper Van Beethoven songs playing in the background

  2. happy birthday! the cards crack me up- my husband turned 40 last year & got a bunch of VW ones too!