Sunday, 10 June 2012

Rusty Front Corner

Although I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front that doesn't mean I haven't been at work on the van! Plenty has been going on over the last few weeks and so now I have a huge backlog to blog about,

One of the things I did during the nice spell of weather that we had was tackle the worst bit of rust on the van - the front nearside corner.

These photos show what the rust was like after I'd got the sander to them.

When I started cleaning it up I found that the bottom corner had been filled and resprayed before and so before I could start repairing I kept sanding until I'd cleaned all the old filler off.

Having finished cleaning it up and cutting as much rust out as I could I was left with quite a few big holes.  The ideal fix here would really to have been to weld a new panel in, however I decided it wasn't quite bad enough for that and so I went with using fibreglass paste (P40) to bridge the holes and then filler on top to smooth it all off.

Once all patched, filled and sanded it was time for a respray of the whole area.

Final result is OK considering I'm respraying with a can, however the new colour does really show how dull and faded the old colour is - am hoping that when I get round to T-Cutting the bits around where I've resprayed it won't notice too much.

Would love so much to have the money and time to do a full strip down and respray - perhaps in the future...

The front corner on the other side was fine apart from some rust in the foot step and so all that needed was a good sand down, rust kill and respray.

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