Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Door Cards

Sadly, the original door cards from the van are slightly beyond my repair abilities.

This isn't however the end of the world though as due to me having new seat covers made using a slightly different green vinyl I could make new door cards using matching vinyl.

So, I using the original door cards as templates I made new cards out of hardboard, and cut out all the same holes for handles, loud speakers and mounting clips etc.

I then covered the cards in a thin layer of sticky-backed foam - in order to give them a soft touch.  This was actually flooring underlay left over from when I put wooden flooring in to our old house - I knew keeping the left over and even moving it between houses would be worth it!

And then glued the new green vinyl on to the cards.

And finally I cut out the various holes for handles and loud speakers etc. in the vinyl.

Not too bad a job if I do say so myself!  

Now need to do the rest of the refurb work that I want to do to the doors before I can fit them!

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