Friday, 18 May 2012

Finishing off a door

Having been working on the passenger door a lot in the last week I was getting desperate to finish it off and so today was spent fitting a new door seal and then finally fitting the new door card and refitting handles etc.

I thought fitting the door seal would be an easy job - 5 hours later I was still at it and knew it wasn't.

I think the problem might have been that I was using a "reproduction" door seal rather than a VW original - it just didn't want to fit.  And then when I thought I'd fitted it OK I tried to close the door only to find that there was no way that it was closing with the new seal in place.

After hours and hours of fiddling, refitting, twisting and refitting again I managed to get it on so that the door would close if you gave it a really hard shove!  Am just hoping that once it's been closed a while the new seal will compress a bit in to place so that the door will close easier.  

That was NOT a fun job and I'm dreading having to do the other side :o(

On a brighter note, having now completely finished renewing all the passenger door and window seals, and fitting the central locking in to the door, I could now finally finish putting the door back together and fit my newly made door cards.

In order to try and fully make it water tight I first cut out some plastic sheet to the same template as the door cards and fitted that to the door.  Anyone who has ever taken a car door apart will know that these plastic liners are stuck on with what can only be described as "black gunk".  I have no idea where you would get "black gunk" from and didn't want to use it anyway, and so I used something that I found a tip for online - BluTack - apparently it works just as well as the gunk keeping it water tight, and allows you to remove the liner without ripping it should you ever need to.

With the plastic liner in place I could finally fit my new door card, and put everything back on the door.

(everything back in place bar one vent cover in this pic!)

It's nice to finally be doing some reconstructing work where you can see things are progressing.

One door down - one to go!


  1. Bless you, sounds like you've had a difficult and dispiriting weekend's work! But the door is looking very smart and watertight. Fingers crossed that with all this experience the next one will take a bit less time! x

    1. Sadly, it hasn't ended up being watertight - there was a bit of rain over Saturday night and it leaked in nearly as much as before starting on it. Annoyingly though can't for the life of me work out where it's coming in and so will have to sit in there for a while next time it rains. It's times like this that the hosepipe ban is a pain as am sure I could replicate it by pointing the hose at it!