Saturday, 19 May 2012


When reading round the internet looking for various bits of info about VW Campers you'll regularly see people saying that theirs was stolen.  Being 36 years old they have very little in terms of security on them and are very easy to break in to and hotwire, and so I guess that being that they are so sort after, this makes them an easy target for stealing.

One of the first jobs I did when I got the van was fit and alarm and multipoint immobiliser which helps to an extent, but after there having been a very dodgy van that we have seen driving very slowly up and down our road numerous times, with the two rough looking men it it looking carefully at each house (noticed by and number plate recorded by various people in the street now) I figured I should get Pea Soup some extra protection that was both highly visible, and would stop all but the very seasoned or determined thief.

So Pea Soup got a new shoe on one wheel - the Clamp!


  1. you crack me up. nice work. and nice new shoe, pea soup. lookin' good. lookin' very good.

  2. Came over from SoIMarriedACraftBlogger to check out the blog and the van. Looks like a fun project! Reminds me a bit of my first car project - restoring a 1970 MGBGT (sadly, no longer with the family). Keep the posts coming - it's fun to see the progress.