Monday, 30 April 2012


Now this excites me!  I love all the little treasures that Hubby keeps finding out of the van.  I can't help wondering about the previous owners and the adventures they had in the campervan.
Right on!  One day, I will carefully peel the pages apart and read the whole story.  Captivating.  I need to know what happens to Meg.

Pendant- from a charm bracelet maybe?

Matches from the Sidewalk Cafe in Venice, California

Grubby American Coins.  Might clean them up one day.  Oldest date I've seen on them so far is 1965.

This toy car was made in 1995.

Now I want to go all CSI and track down the previous owners and hear their stories from the van.  Whose car was this?  Whose pendant was that and who was reading the Christian Science Sentinel?
I've already looked up the Sidewalk Cafe!,+Venice+Sidewalk+Cafe,+4x6.jpg


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  1. Oh my gosh, Katie, what a treasure trove! I love that you are discovering and cataloging the story of the camper van. I have to go now and read your previous posts here. I hadn't seen this blog before. I just saw your other one. What a lot of history you are unearthing. I love this!