Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Sidekick

I'm the Wife.  The Sidekick.  The one that gets to enjoy the fruits of my husband's labour when this baby's done.  And I can't wait!  

Admittedly, I was not in favour of Handy Hubby taking on a project of such a scale.  And yes, I did ask him (nicely) to please help me with a few other things first before he embarked on this new adventure.  In my defence, the things on his "to do" list have been on there for a very long time and he was avoiding them because they were not as exciting as trawling ebay looking at campervans.  In reality, I was terrified of being abandoned to deal with the 2 Year old boy and his older siblings on my own.  Having been through the campervan renovation experience before, I knew what was involved and remembered the jealousy I felt when he spent every spare minute (and not so spare minute) tinkering with her bits.  But, in the end it was worth it.  And the times we had in our finished campervan as a family made up for the times that we had lost him to the project.  

This beauty is apparently not as big a project as the other one, and handy hubby has made a small dent in his "to do" list, so for the most part, I'm cool with it!  The kids are over the moon and hopefully will be involved in the renovation project.  Anyway, Handy Hubby puts up with all of my shenanigans and kooky ideas and projects, so I'm glad he's got one of his own.  And let's face it- everyone needs a little escape from the "terrible twos".  Little does he know, I'll be taking over as soon as she's ready!

Stayed Tuned for: Sidekick Wife's Crafty Kiddies Campervan Excursions


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