Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Sidekick: Romancing

Last night, I was secretly hopeful for some romance.  The older kiddies were at Granny's and being fed, the little one was in a quiet and mellow mood, and Hubby was cooking dinner.  (Leek and Potato Soup, his speciality.)  I was looking forward to an actual, uninterrupted, adult conversation at the dinner table.

What I got; was dirty talk.

Nuts, springs and welding were a few things that I actually heard.

I think that hubby has mistaken my enthusiasm for his new blog about the campervan and taken it as interest in the ins and outs of the technical side of the re-vamp.

I'm happy for him, really.  I just don't need techie details.  As long as she works and I can operate the basics, that's all I need to know!  Save that dirty talking for your blog mister!  I says:-)

I'll just come along and take pretty retro pictures every now and then!


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