Thursday, 26 April 2012

DVLA woes

I think I purchased the van from a bit of an incompetent dealer.  His business is importing Japanese cars and during one of his scouting trips he saw this van and thought it would be interesting to import something slightly different.

Unfortunately for him, but I suppose luckily for me, he knew absolutely nothing about these vans and so advertised it on eBay as a "1974 VW Caravelle" - which it blatantly isn't.  His English literacy also was non-existent and so the advert was very terse with no mention of it being a campervan  and no description of what was in it or what condition it was in etc.  This all resulted in him getting hardly any interest and so the ability for me to beat him down a lot on price - and I think that even though I have more to do to it that I'd really wanted to, I think I got a total bargain for the condition it's in.

I'm not actually sure how I managed to find the advert on eBay as the only thing that gave away what it really was was the pictures. Am very pleased I did find it though :o)

Now, his incompetency didn't stop there - it also kicked in when he registered the van with the DVLA after importing it.  This is a list of the errors he made with the registration:

* Date of first registration "2000" - it was imported in to Japan from America in 2000 and so stupidly he registered on the Japanese registration documents rather than as a 1976 built van

* Model as "VW Caravelle MPV" - rather than a VW T2 Westfalia Campervan

* 9 seats - was in fact a 4 seater

My biggest gripe about this is the fact that it's registered as a 2000 van rather than 1976.  This I feel really lets it down as it has to have a modern number plate on it rather than the old "P" reg it should have and so makes it look like one of the "modern" VW vans like this that are still being built in Brazil and many people look down on as they aren't original aircooled vans.

So, I've been in contact with the DVLA trying to get all of this changed and while they have now officially recognised it as a "MOTOR CARAVAN" and updated the description and number of seats etc., they wouldn't change the year of first registration to 1976 as the only documentation supplied to them when it was registered in the UK was the 2000 Japanese reg document and so they have no proof of it being 1976.

So, the change of registration year is still ongoing with me now having to try and get hold of an official "VW Birth Certificate" for it's VIN number that will prove it's age - hopefully then the DVLA will believe me and issue me with the correct "P" registration.

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