Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cleaning up

First job was to give Pea Soup a really good clean - and this was a job that we all helped with.

Didn't take long to get most of the 36 years of grime and crap out and before long although still a bit tatty things were looking much better.  It in fact almost looked usable - shame really that most of this needs to be ripped out so that I can refit with a big enough seat for us all to be able to get it.

I'd thought that we would need to get completely new seat/bed covers all around, however after the clean up I discovered that the bed mattress covers from the top bunk and the mattress cover from the rear were all in pretty good condition and after a wash they are absolutely fine to go back on.  This also helped us to make a big decision - whether to try and keep it very original or to completely modernise it.  We both really liked the 70's feel of it and being that we can now re-use many of the original green/yellow/black plaid covers the decision was made - we would try and keep it as original as possible.  I think doing this will also help any future resale value as people like these for their vintage feel.

Keeping it very original doesn't mean that there won't be a few modern twists. For example I'm going to put in LED lighting and a modern compressor fridge, however this will be done subtly keeping with the woodgrain and chrome effects.

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