Sunday, 29 April 2012

Catching Up

When I got Pea Soup back in February I originally decided that I wasn't going to do a blog, and so sadly, although I've done a huge amount since getting her I haven't been taking many photos along the way which makes for really dull blog entries.

So, in order to get you all up to date without endless text only blog entries I figured I should just do a brief catch up in one entry.

It's mainly mechanical stuff that I've been doing, some of which needed doing, and some of which I wanted to do to ensure that I'm happy driving her, and so in order to get you all up to date without endless text only blog entries about laying on the floor for hours under the van I figured I should do a brief mechanical catch up in one entry.

So, in no particular order:

* Replaced gear rod coupling and bushes
* Fitted replacement gear stick that is suppose to make gear changing much easier - the original one has so much play in it that it was like a mixing bowl!
* Replaced steering linkage
* Replaced heater control cables
* Replaced most of ignition system - spark plugs & leads, coil, condenser, distributor, rotor arm
* Replaced all hoses and pipework on fuel system - there will be a separate blog entry about this!
* Replaced brake fluid reservoir - again there will be another entry for this
* Removed EGR system - "exhaust gas recirculation"
* Fitted new engine tinware seal
* New UK spec front lights
* New UK spec front indicators
* Rewired front indicators, side indicator repeater lights and side lights for the new lights fitted
* Stripped out dashboard clocks and recoloured all the warning lights - e.g. high beam now a nice blue, indicators green, battery/oil red - they had all faded and were all white!
* Fitted rev counter and oil temperature gauges and sensor units
* Fitted new fuel gauge sender unit and adjusted fuel gauge itself to (hopefully) fix it
* Fitted an alarm
* Fitted new radio
* Fixed horn earthing through steering column
* Fitted new windscreen wiper spindles
* Stripped down and cleaned up heater fan
* Fixed a few issues with sliding door that was making it very hard to open and close

If anyone would like more details on any of these things then please let me know - would be happy to waffle on in full technoGeeky detail about any of it!

So, after all this I've got to the point where I am happy to drive her - but alas haven't driven it yet as I've currently got the front seats out for re-upholstering :o(

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