Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The birth of GG's Pea Soup...

Having sold our VW T4 campervan it was time for a new project.

What I was looking for was a structurally and mechanically sound late 70's VW Westfalia Pop-top Campervan that I could re-do the inside of to put our our mark on it and to make it a viable campervan for our family.

After a few months of looking (and my wife telling me I should be doing other jobs first!!) I finally found the successful candidate and so bought it!

It's a 1976 VW Type 2 Westfalia campervan, with a 2 litre fuel injected engine.  It was originally an American van that ended up in Japan in 2000, and then was imported in to this country last year by the car dealer I purchased it from.  From the various stickers on it it appears that at some point in it's life it must have been in Europe (Sweden and Belgium to mention a couple of places) but from what I can see it must have spent most of it's life somewhere reasonably hot and dry as it is very solid underneath with no sign of it ever having had any welding - which is rare for one of these vans!

The inside is in pretty bad condition with all the 70's laminate falling off the cupboards and all the seat covers torn or stained, but that is fine as I plan to re-do the inside anyway as at the moment it only seats two in the back but we need three seats to get all the kiddies in.

Mechanically, it runs, drives, and has an MOT, but there is a strong smell of petrol all the time and so more on it's mechanics once I've investigated and check it all over...

These are the pictures from the advert and so show it in the state that it arrived on the back of a lorry on our doorstep.

The first job on it's arrival was to give it a name - you can't have a VW camper without it having a name.  We just so happened to be having pea soup that evening - one of our favourite meals from my wife's grandmother's family recipe - and someone (not sure if it was one of the kids or my wife) noticed that the van was exactly the same colour as the soup and so it was immediately obvious what the vans name should be "GG's Pea Soup" - GG being what we call my wife's grandmother.

With it now here and having a name I am very excited about the prospect of getting on with it and I just can't wait to get away in it when the weather gets warmer.

Welcome to the family GG's Pea Soup :o)

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