Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Don't Go Changing

Get the sick buckets ready- majorly cheesy public display of affection warning!

Hubby expressed his concern that I was going to expect him to dress up all 70's to go along with the Campervan and it's interior.
Just for the record, I love him just the way he is.

I call this: the rustic look.  Unshaven, lumberjack shirt and smelling of campfire and bread that he made and burnt himself, in his new dutch oven.
I'm sure that he will tell you more about this when he perfects his culinary skills.
Don't go Changing.
Saying that, if we could get our kids to dress like this...
Groovybaby and
it would be suhwheeet!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Campervan Cards

Having just turned the big "40" I was very impressed with the number of different campervan birthday cards I was given.

I wouldn't have believed that there were so many different ones out there.

My personal favourite was the home made one that was even coloured the correct colour for PeaSoup!

Am now looking forward to next year and being able to put up the 2013 vintage campervan calendar that I was also given.

Loving the old photos in the calendar - am just hoping that my renovation of PeaSoup ends up looking as 1970's as these pictures do!  My wife is busy collecting vintage things for the interior - just hoping that she isn't expecting me to dress up all 70's to match.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Trying out the new awning.

After our daughter had a girly sleep-over for her birthday our eldest son was feeling a bit left out. In order to try and cheer him up I thought what better than some daddy and son time having a "boy" sleep-over in the garden trying out the new awning for the campervan.

Took me a while to get it set up as it's not as easy to do on your own than the awning we had for our old camper was, but I think that once I've done it a couple of times I should get the knack of it and it shouldn't take that long.

Being able to put the awning up on my own is vital.  With three kids and a dog in tow, when we arrive at a campsite they immediately all run in opposite directions exploring the site, finding the toilets, wanting something to eat etc., and so my wife is kept busy enough trying to pacify them and it's my job to get the awning set up - so lucky I did manage to do the new one on my own!

Having got it set up in went our beds and it was very quickly all ready to be our home for the night.

Before sleep we did some reading and then explored the stars with the help of the Sky Map app on my tablet (yes I know that is cheating camping with technology!!) and then had a good nights sleep in the fresh air of the garden.

One benefit to not really being away camping was being woken up by the delivery of fresh coffee rather than having to drag myself out of bed, boil some water and then make it - thank you wifey :)

It would have been nicer if we had actually been away in the wilderness somewhere (rather than in the back garden), but was still great fun and was lovely to be able to spend some time with my boy without the others interrupting all the time.

Think we chose the right night to camp out too.  Since the weekend the night temperatures have plummetted and not so sure I'd want to be out there now!

Having now tried the awning out am really looking forward to properly getting away with the campervan and using the awning for real attached to the van - I think it's going to look awesome with the retro-style awning attached to a proper retro camper!  Alas with the jobs left to do on the van that is something that is going to have to wait until next year now.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Feathering the Nest

We scored big time when we were thrifting in Virginia for the campervan!
Lots of things have been ticked off my Pinterest Campervan Wish List:-)

Melamine plates

Tea Towel

Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Last of the Treasures

Sweet Wrapper?
Yes. I find foreign sweet wrappers intriguing.

A clue.
A business card.
Do we want to follow this lead?  I'm not sure...

Saturday, 28 July 2012

First Accessories!

We visited Brighton last weekend and picked up our first accessories for the campervan!
Tea towel.
Yes.  I am now collecting tea towels.

Three Fabulous Melamine Plates.
Now to watch the film!
File:Carry on camping 320x240.jpg

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fixing the tailgate

So going back a couple of months when there was a day with a break in the rain I decided to tackle the "little bit" of bubbly rust that was along under the tailgate window.

When I bought the van I noticed the bubbling and so knew that I'd have to deal with it, however once I started on it I very soon discovered that it wasn't the "little bit" of rust that I thought it was - it had in fact rusted totally through in many places and was a complete mess.

Because it was so bad with the window rubber seal also disintegrating I had to remove the window so that I could properly get at the holes to sort them out.

After a stripping it down, cleaning it up and doing lots of rust killing I could see the full extent of what I needed to fix.

The good thing about these holes is that I could get to the underside of them from the inside on the tailgate and so I proceeded to fibreglass paste over the holes from the under side and then fill them with filler on the top.  After a lot of filling and sanding I had it looking quite good again.  Annoyingly I forgot to take a picture of it in the filled/sanded state.

That was all a couple of months ago...

After that the weather got really crap again and I didn't have a dry couple of days again to proceed further until this week, when finally and thankfully the sun has come out allowing me to get on with finishing off my tailgate repair.

Because the extent of the repair was so big I decided that I should respray the entire tailgate as there was no way I was going to get a partial respray to blend in well.

So, off came the entire tailgate and the respraying proceeded.

While I had the tailgate off and it was drying I took the opportunity to replace the rubber seal round the edge of the tailgate.  Fortunately this turned out to be very easy and only took a few minutes - I had been thinking the worst and imaging it taking hours after the nightmare I'd had fitting the new front door seal.

As I ended up having to take the glass out I decided to get new glass as the de-misting wires on the existing glass had long since been scratched to pieces and so didn't work.  So, once the tailgate was fully dried I fitted the new glass with a new seal (which went surprising easily too!) and then fitted the tailgate back to the van.

I must say I am very pleased with the final result.  Yes the paint spray job isn't that good if you look close, and there are a couple of marks in the middle where I turned it over to lacquer the back too soon and the soft lacquer marked, but considering I did it with spray cans on our driveway I don't think it's that bad!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

New Bed Accessory

Handy Hubby was keen to try out the toddler camp bed.
He wants to be sure that he won't have to share his bed on excursions with anyone other than myself I think!
Canvas bed above drivers seats, and supercool boy with his outfit du jour.

He was not keen.
It was a bit too weird.
It sags so that it's tricky for them to escape, and he didn't want to move as it didn't feel secure.
It might be more inviting when he has his pillow and blanket up there... but
I don't know who we think we are fooling;
That kid's going to be on the pull out bed with us until he can be trusted at the top!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Chalk on Driveway

Title: Pea Soup- The Campervan
By: The Six Year Old Boy
Medium: Chalk on Driveway

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wiring and Lighting going in

With all this bad weather we've been having it's been very hard to do much on the van as the majority of stuff I need to do requires me to be working outside - there aren't many jobs left that I can do purely sat in the van with the doors closed.

There was however one job left to do on the inside and that was putting in the new lighting and routing all the new cables for the various new electrical items I'm fitting, and so as it poured outside I got on with this on the inside.

First off was cutting the holes in the roof panels and cupboards etc. for the new lights and switches.

I decided to put two circuits (and so two switches) in for the lights - one circuit for the lights in the pop-top area and one for the lights in the main downstairs area.  In order to make things as flexible as possible lighting wise I got lights that each had their own individual switches on them, and got three position switches for the main switches - with the three positions being 1) all lights off, 2) all lights on, 3) lights individually switched from the switch on the lights.

With this way of setting things up it meant three wires had to go to each light fitting, and so I then had the fun task of having to route all the wires from where I was putting the switches to the individual lights.  This wasn't a very fun job as I had to feed wires though small box sections of the van, under roof and side panels, and through areas filled with old fibreglass insulation.

The van already had one florescent light in the main area with power wired to it, and so I decided to piggy back off that and put the main switches next to this and then route all the wires out from there.

As I was trying to be clever with the switching of the lights (both from main switch and individually switched) it meant I had to wire a blocking diode in to each of the lights in series with the power coming in from the "all lights on" switch as otherwise all the lights would have been directly connected together resulting in all lights coming on whenever any of the individual lights switches was toggled.

I could then fit the actual lights, and was very happy to find that all worked exactly as planned once they were all connected up.

There are going ten of these downlighters fitted in the van with one above each seating spot and one above each place that there is likely to be a pillow in the beds.

As it was STILL raining I carried on with all the rest of the internal 12 volt wiring that needed doing.  This included the main wire from where the leisure battery will be in the engine compartment to the kitchen unit where the main fuse/distribution block will be, from the kitchen unit to the front to another fuse box where the radio, a new cigarette socket, and the lights will be connected, and to both sides of the rear seat where I am going to fit cigarette sockets.

In order to make powering the radio flexible I fitted a toggle switch at the front so that the radio can be switched between being powered by the main van battery and the leisure battery.  Having fitted this I figured the front 12v cigarette socked should be switched too (we quite often have a car DVD player or such with us and I don't want to flatten the main van battery) and so I re-jigged the wiring so that that was done too.

During a brief break in the rain I managed to get in to the engine compartment and fit the split charge relay and all the wiring for it.  The split charge relay I used is supposed to be an "intelligent" and so when the engine is running will only charge the leisure battery once the main van battery has been optimally charged before starting to charge the leisure batter - thus making sure you can always start the van.

Final bits of wiring I did was putting in all the loud speaker cables for the radio.  I'm putting in four speakers - one in each front door, and one in each side panel by the rear seat - and so again I was having to route wires though small gaps and along box sections of the van body.  Much of this was achieved by first feeding though a long stiff bit of mains cable, and then attaching the speaker cable on to this and pulling it through.

I already had the speakers fitting in the front doors and so with the wires all in I connected it up and for the first time could have music in the van - it sounded good!